Barcode locker at Super Market & Station

The common characteristic of the shopping mall, super market and station is that the customer traffic is big and the high mobility, which makes customer belonging storage very difficult to manage. While ZHILAI Electric Locker perfectly solved this problem.

All the lockers are well equipped with strong solenoid locks patented by Zhilai. 
Widely used in many libraries, chain supermarket, exhibition center, parks and office. 

 The imported barcode reader has a high recognition rate, and it's fast and accurate. Even for the folded or kneaded barcode paper (as long as the barcode image is not damaged),the recognition rate can also be 100%. Barcode enhances the secrecy for the certificate of fetching.
 The number code, which is small and is printed below the car code on the barcode paper, is convenient to do the contrast between records. Even if the barcode image has been damaged, it is also available to fetch things through keyboard.
 The high-speed and mini-type thermal printer from Japanese SEIKO will show it's advantage sufficiently when passenger flow volume is large.

                                                                                                 ZHILAI storage Locker in WAL MART

                                   ZHILAI storage in SHENZHEN railway station