Zhilai Smart Locker — The Delivery Systems for E-commerce

The Zhilai Smart Locker Solution

 Innovative delivery solutions are a top concern for today’s retailers, as innovative fulfillment options become an important competitive advantage. With online sales predicted to grow almost 60 percent over the next three years, your store needs to find ways to trim labor costs, add speed and convenience, and improve customer satisfaction with the delivery process. As well, stores need more options for returns and other customer service. The Zhilai Smart Locker solution is the industry’s first cloud-managed, scalable delivery system designed to provide an optimal solution for unattended package delivery. Going far beyond traditional locker systems, our solution provides a kiosk-based capability that is designed for the store. It is also available as a managed service.

Changing Expectations for Fulfillment

Online shopping has empowered today’s consumer more than ever before, resulting in an expectation of near-same-day delivery made to a convenient location available to the consumer, often at extended hours and at no added cost. To meet this demand, retailers are turning to locker delivery systems. Most of the systems on the market, however, consist of a basic locker that is expensive to install, has a fixed size, and does not provide any intelligence or interaction. By connecting its lockers to the corporate network, Zhilai Smart Lockers utilize the Internet and Mobile Techniques by providing flexible, intelligent systems that collect customer and shipping information, deliver convenience, save energy, and lower costs.

What Makes Zhilai’s Smart Lockers Different?

Working with partner Amazon, Zhilai offers innovations that go beyond basic smart lockers to encompass a physical and digital infrastructure that enhances efficiency, maximizes upsell, improves revenues, and boosts your brand:

• Reconfigurable. Standard lockers are built from designs that are decades old: They are fixed in size and secured with electronic locks that require significant effort to install. Zhilai Smart Lockers are the only ones on the market whose size and shape can be quickly reconfigured to maximize their use. Do you have big or unusually shaped packages to deliver? Store personnel can daily resize lockers and update the Zhilai Smart Locker application to accommodate the correct sizes.

• Agile. Installing or extending conventional lockers is labor intensive, requiring many man hours of trained labor at the site. The Zhilai Smart Locker, on the other hand, is ready to deploy and requires minimal labor. The core system (consisting of a kiosk with two cabinets) is an integrated assembly that can be moved into place in a matter of minutes at most sites and expanded without recabling. IP addresses and the locker size template can be preconfigured for almost instant connection to the Zhilai Smart Cloud via a 4G cellular modem and router.

Cloud Connected and Feature Selectable Off-the-Shelf. This is the first locker delivery system on the market to be fully cloud connected. Its Smart Locker application is based on a menu of features from the basic “open a door” instruction to full customer support and metrics on system performance. It also includes software to monitor every transaction, gathering metrics to help track performance, usage, and consumer interactions.

Intelligent at the Edge of the Network. Zhilai is powered by connected intelligence extending out the network edge in the store. Each locker is addressable to support field reconfiguration and “package present” sensors that connect the item to the cloud application by reporting when it is inserted or removed. This audit capability removes any uncertainty concerning individual locker status and helps to manage loss prevention.

Secure. Item security is further supported by Zhilai’s cloud-based authentication: Customers simply scan an authorization code or signature that automatically opens the right locker to complete the delivery. Combined with our analytics capabilities, you can centrally monitor and assure delivery of any package to your customers.

Robust. Conventional locker systems utilize small, difficult-toread displays with a limited GUI. Zhilai Smart Locker, on the other hand, utilizes a 17" high-resolution touch screen that supports a user-friendly interface and video display for promotional use by the retailer or location partner. The Smart Locker kiosk can also host many different peripheral devices to meet the retailer’s needs, from touch screen displays, scanners, card readers and printers, video cameras, and speakers.

Interactive Experience Platform. The kiosk also provides a platform for the user to engage with Interactive Experience Platform solutions for real-time customer support. This built-in video capability allows customers to speak face-to-face with your experts or contact center for immediate customer service, to learn more about specific items, or to solve a problem. At the same time, you learn more about your customers by observing and responding to these interactions.

Business Benefits

Based on these capabilities, the Zhilai Smart Locker solution provides a number of key business benefits to retailers. It:

 • Opens a new channel in the omnichannel retail environment, offering retailers a new way to communicate with and build relationships with customers

• Supports new business models for delivery and returns, such as remote delivery solutions and 24/7 service

 • Helps retailers trim labor costs and better manage the expense of servicing in-store collection of online orders

• Lets stores engage consumers with in-store promotions and upsell opportunities, and provide additional services via remote touchscreen and video

• Provides integrated data collection over time to support analytics findings that help stores better understand customer needs

• Secures delivery capabilities to assure prompt fulfillment of orders and returns, mitigating risk for both you and your customer

Why Zhilai

People, data, processes, and devices of every kind are connecting across the network to provide new opportunities to businesses. Retailers are looking for new ways to use this Internet of Everything to create innovative services, maximize customer relationships, and make operations more efficient. With 4 years of experience in smart locker manufacturing and networking operation, we are the top Amazon lockers supplier in connecting online shopping solutions to improve business processes and assure customer satisfaction. Zhilai Smart Lockers provide customer service at the edge of the network to provide information and services, while gathering insights you can use to change behavior, capture opportunity, and improve your business.