1 in 4 Polish e-consumers will spend more online

One in four Polish online consumers is planning to increase their expenditures on online shopping. They are also spending more on clothing and accessories and less on mobile devices than they did a year ago. Also, men spend more on electronics, while women spend more on books, CDs and films.

Online research agency Gemius from Poland issued a new report, called ” E-commerce in Poland 2016. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska”. In this report, it becomes clear Poles have come to love online shopping. One in four online consumers surveyed said they are planning to increase the amount of money they spend online. Especially men are optimistic, as they are declaring an increase more often than women. Based on the survey, just 6 percent of online shoppers are planning to reduce their online expenditures over the coming year.

The report shows that online consumers from Poland are spending more on fashion items than a year ago. On average, they spend 83 Polish zloty (€19.37) per month on clothes and accessories, 8 zloty more than what was declared last year.

More trust of stores and payment systems

According to Marek Molicki from Gemius, the increase in online spending by Polish consumers is completely natural. “Ecommerce is becoming a much more common and natural way of shopping. On the one hand, we are more trusting of both the stores and the payment systems; while on the other, this kind of shopping has become the most convenient way to buy things for many Poles; allowing them to save time – and very often money as well”, he says.

‘Still plenty that marketers can do’

He also added that there’s a significant part of online shoppers who are aged between 15 and 24 years old and for them, online shipping is a very natural thing to do. At the same time, marketers are getting better at using various services and tools to optimize conversion rates. With the result the basket value increases and customers keep coming back to online stores. “There’s still plenty that marketers can do here, and I have no doubt that, for example, the effective combination of cookies and data from CRM, with the ability to send the relevant findings to call centers in real time, can in some cases increase sales significantly. This will result in Poles spending even more in online stores. This is only one example – the possibilities are endless”, Molicki thinks.