Special Electronic Locker
Special Electronic Locker
In addition to the widespread traditional smart lockers used in public places, Zhilai Sci and Tech designs different types of products according to the attribute of the location, stored items and users, such as smart lockers for the small precious items (like mobile phone, notebook computer etc.) and government agencies (like confidential document lockers, police lockers, high-end residential lockers, and smart mailbox etc..)

1.Mobile phone shield locker


l  Design of the 3-layer steel plate protection

l  Conductive combination to avoid dead angle

l  Pass the certificate of the Electromagnetic leakage protection of State Security Bureau

Overall dimension: 1880(H)x 1220(W)x280 (D)mm

Box capacity: 150H)x 300(W)x280 (D)mm

Zhilai Sci and Tech’s mobile phone shielding locker is made of the strong magnetic material(steel) with strong attenuation and preventing the induction and radiation of the electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic wave outside the boxes to effectively prevent the electronic products from external electromagnetic field.interference. Its working principle is as follows:

1. Reflection: when the electromagnetic wave reaches the shielding cabinet surface, the reflection is produced by the incident wave because of the impedance discontinuity between air and metal interface. This kind of reflection only relates to the discontinuity of the interface rather than the thickness of the shielding material;

2. Attenuation: the deflected energy enters the shielding surface and propagates in the metal, some will be absorbed by the shielding material to attenuate ;

3. Secondary reflection: the dis-attenuated residual energy will go to the other side of the material and meet the impedance discontinuity interface between the metal and air again, which will form secondary reflection and back to the shielding body. Such reflection may have multiple reflections at the interface between two metals.

4. Zhilai Mobile Phone shielding locker is designed with 3-layer steel sheet protection: cabinet, large and small inner plate, and the shielding effect is significant after 3 times absorption and attenuation. At present, the design has passed the certification of the electromagnetic leakage protection product testing center of National Security Bureau, and the minimum attenuation value is up to 60db.

5. Conductive combination: Zhilai mobile phone shielding locker take the conductive foam combination for the door and cabinet, and the conductive filler materials can ensure the continuity of the whole conductive shielding cabinet door without dead corner.

Applicable industry:

Digital products manufacturers, confidential place and information center, etc.

2. Police storage locker

10mm dimensional pin for three directions
Electronic signal to control the door swivel handler
Switch pin in the door frame
Indicator light for the swivel handler
Infrared detection in the box
Applicable industry
Government agency, such as public, inspection, law department.