After-sale Service

1. Warranty service

a).Warranty: 1 year.

b) .Warranty starting: acceptance date.

c).Maintenance: we will conduct a comprehensive testing and maintenance before your company starting to use annually, but the specific time and coordinate staff shall be arranged by your company in advance.

d).Testing and maintenance items include: the lock state, software, and visual inspection, etc. whose damages will be repaired by our company for free in the warranty period. (Except for man-made damage)

e).Maintenance report: each maintenance is completed, our company personnel will issue a report of the maintenance, adjustment and repair signed by the two parties to confirm after each maintenance.

f).Daily maintenance procedures: our customer service will record your phone call to clarify the fault phenomenon, and the maintenance staff will guide remotely to solve the problem depending on the specific fault after getting your call. If the telephone guidance cannot repair, the maintenance staff will immediately carry out on-site repair with your staff’s companion. The service list shall be filled to inform the failure and processing results after completing the maintenance and signed bt the person in charge.


2. Service plan after the expiration of the warranty

After the warranty expires, our company will provide follow-up services with two optional solutions according to the different needs of customers:

a).The annual maintenance plan. Our company is responsible for maintenance and testing twice at least a year. The labor costs, travel expenses, spare parts and accessories of maintenance (not including the loss and damage to the people) are undertaken by my company.

b).Repair and maintenance plan by times. Our company will carry out on-site service after receiving your maintenance requests, and the costs of labor and accessories shall be paid by your company. Daily maintenance method will be trained to your staff by our company.


3. Service commitment

Warranty period:

a). Our company will be responsible for the quality problems arising from the maintenance, replacement of parts and related materials.

b). Artificial damage will be repaired by our company, but the damaged devices shall be paid.


4. Expiration of the warranty period:

a). Our company provides lifelong maintenance, but the user is responsible for the cost of labor and material.

b). Our company also provides charging upgrades and improvements following to the customer’s requirements.